Farranfore Airport to receive €1,222 million in capital grants – Griffin

Brendan Griffin


Farranfore Airport to receive €1,222 million in capital grants – Griffin

The Government has announced that Farranfore Airport is to receive €1,222,519 in capital grants.

This represents the 2018 allocation of funding for regional airports and the grants will go towards capital investments in the areas of safety and security at the airport.

The funding will be used to improve facilities at the airport, including the roof of the fire station, runway lighting, security scanner and explosives detector.

Minister Griffin said: “There is a continuing commitment by the Government in Project Ireland 2040 to support safety and security related projects at the smaller regional airports under the Regional Airports Programme.

“The grant allocation announced for Farranfore Airports underpins this commitment.

“Regional airports in Ireland were developed in the 1980s to provide for improved connectivity both nationally and internationally.

“Regional airports are important because of the level of international connectivity that they bring to a region for tourism and business.

“That connectivity is seen as being a significant contributory factor underpinning Ireland’s economic recovery and sustainable development into the future.

“We have seen how Farranfore airport has positively impacted the community here, and will for years to come thanks to continued investment,” Minister Griffin said.


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