New Bill to Reduce Dáil and Reform Electoral System


New Bill to Reduce Dáil and Reform Electoral System

Statement by Brendan Griffin TD (FG) Kerry

Friday, November 23rd, 2012.

KERRY Fine Gael TD, Brendan Griffin, has introduced a new bill to the Dail that would see the reduction of the size of the Dail to 101 members elected from 100 single-seat constituencies.

The Thirty-second Amendment of the Constitution (Dáil Éireann) Bill 2012 was published today and contains a number of proposed amendments to Artice 16 of the constitution.

Under Deputy Griffin’s Bill, a referendum would be held asking the people of the country to set the number of TD’s at 101, one of whom would be the Chairman or Ceann Comhairle. TD’s would be elected from 100 equally populated single seat constituencies, with the outgoing Ceann Comhairle being automatically returned. The existing PRSTV voting system would be retained.

Deputy Griffin says that we need a serious debate regarding the way our Dail is elected and operates.

 “To  be in the position that we are in as a country today, it is obvious that many systems have failed miserably. The political system has fundamentally failed in this State as much as the banking system and planning system. Therefore it is crucial that we consider all proposals at how we can fix the political system by putting in place a better one.

 “This is just one of my proposals on how we can achieve a Dail that has parliamentary work at the top of its members’ agendas, whilst at the same time, keeping those members in touch with their constituents. With our population, I believe that 101 members would be enough. Single-seat constituencies would allow TD’s to focus more on their legislative duties and would reduce duplication and misappropriated time on intra-party competition and work that would be more appropriate for local authority members or civil servants. This system would also save millions for the exchequer every year.

“Hopefully, the matter will be discussed in the Dail at some point, so that these and other reform measures can be given the consideration that they deserve.”

 Further Information from Brendan on 087 6528842

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