€4,000 drop in commercial motor tax now in effect

€4,000 drop in commercial motor tax now in effect – Griffin Jan 3rd 2016 KERRY Fine Gael TD and Chairman of the Fine Gael Transport, Tourism and Sport Committee, Brendan Griffin, has welcomed the taking effect of changes to commercial motor tax which mean a saving in some cases of over €4,000 per annum. Deputy Griffin, who had campaigned for the changes, said that will make a major difference for road hauliers in Kerry and across the country. “In Budget 2016, the number of rates of commercial motor tax were reduced from 20 to 5 and will now range in cost from €90 to €900 per year, down from a maximum cost of €5,195. These changes came into effect from the start of January and will save many hauliers over €4,000 per year. “Transportation costs are a factor for every business. These changes will benefit over 28,500 commercial vehicles directly and all businesses indirectly. “In Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK, motor tax up until now has been much lower. These measures will help Irish businesses and will provide a boost to local economies.” ENDS

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