Statement by Brendan Griffin TD – FG – Kerry

Statement by Brendan Griffin TD – FG – Kerry

Tuesday, 6th January 2015

Access to the US market for Irish Beef is a boost to Kerry farmers – Griffin

“The announcement that Irish Beef is to be available on the US market is a huge endorsement of the beef industry in Ireland and will benefit Kerry farmers” said Brendan Griffin, Kerry TD.

“Since the BSE crisis in the 1990’s beef from the EU has been banned in the US. The news that the market is to reopen and that Ireland is the first EU state to secure access is indicative of the top quality beef we are producing in this country and the high standards being applied by Irish farmers.

“The announcement represents a multi-million euro boost for the Irish beef industry. Ireland will have first-mover advantage as a result of being the first EU member state to gain entry.

“In the US, the majority of beef is produced from animals that are fed on grain in factory type settings. Ireland is unique in that the majority of our cattle are grass-fed and hormone free. This is a growing and a very attractive market in the US.

“The Minister for Agriculture, Simon Coveney has been working on this development for over two years and I would like to commend him on his dedication and persistence.

“The fact that Ireland has been approved by the US as a beef supplier is testament to the quality and reliability of our beef.

“This is good news for beef farmers and for all food producers in Kerry.”

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